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Laughter for Life is ON SALE!

Posted by Oli on Thursday 1st February, 2007

Nothing like a break through in planning and organisation of a big project to stimulate the happiness and reenergise you (see – it’s not just the steroids…).  As of this moment, tickets for Laughter for Life, hosted by Bill Bailey and featuring Dara O’Briain, are ON SALE.  You can buy them here

This is undoubtedly the coolest thing to happen this week, and will totally keep me charged full of positive energy until at least six o’clock.  And then I’ll come back here, read my excitement and get excited again.

But you must HURRY, because this is a fabulous evening of hilarious comedy from fantastic comedians (and other such hyperbole) and it’s going to sell out fast with a capital FAST (not hyperbole, actually true).

So if you’re really my friend, buy some tickets, otherwise I won’t like you any more.  And if you want to be my friend, buy tickets and I promise I’ll like you.

So there.

Did I mention it would be funny….?


6 Responses to “Laughter for Life is ON SALE!”

  1. Jacqui said

    This sounds like it’ll be a great, great night. :0)

  2. Emmie said

    Links my friend, we need links!, and (where everyone must go to give us shedloads of money)

    Oh yes, and did I mention that WE SERIOUSLY ROCK???!!!!

  3. Emmie said

    Oh pants, the first link won’t work cos I put a comma at the end of it…it should be

    Am I messing up your comments page now? ;o)

  4. Emmie said

    Oh pants! You have put a link in to Ticketmaster. I feel so small now. Off to hide under the desk…..

  5. Emmie said

    Oh pants, I’ve written ‘oh pants’ in two successive posts. I look even more stupid now.

    I’m off to distract myself or this commenting on my own comments could get really tedious.

    Have a great weekend :o)

  6. Emmie said

    Make that three succesive posts ARRGGHHH….

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