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Emily and Watchdog

Posted by Oli on Wednesday 10th January, 2007

Anyone watching last night’s edition of Watchdog would have seen the BBC taking Allied Respiratory to task for their abject failures in the oxygen delivery system – which you may have read me blogging about in the past.

You would also have seen that doyen of small-screen campaigning, my good friend Emily, performing admirably in berating the oxygen companies whilst simultaneously looking gorgeous and intelligent at the same time.

Frankly, there was very little of substance to the programme by way of solutions, but it was invaluable to help highlight the problems that oxygen users are facing and the poor job that Allied have been doing.  It was telling that they didn’t send anyone along to the programme, simply supplying an apology statement.

To this end – although not related to the Watchdog programme itself – I’ll be going along to a meeting at the end of the month with the Chief Exec of the CF Trust at the Department of Health along with representatives of Allied.  Although pwcf are not the only ones who depend on oxygen delivery, it plays a significant part in many of their lives and any benefits or progress we can make on our behalf will only serve to benefit others as well.

Of course, it should really be Em’s realm to follow up her campaigning for better oxygen provision, but as we are all so wonderfully aware, she is otherwise detained at the moment!

Speaking of which, by way of an update – Emily was taken off her ventilator yesterday and is now breathing on her own with her bright, shiny, clean new lungs!! Hooray for her and here’s to many more years of happy deep breathing!


3 Responses to “Emily and Watchdog”

  1. Jacqui said

    I missed this. But am glad to hear it went well. Allied Respiratory, ( I think that’s the name of the company in question, apologies if it isn’t!) should be feeling deeply ashamed at their shocking lack of the provision of oxygen for those depending upon it.
    Everything i’ve read about it is OUTRAGEOUS. Hope you get to kick butt. Hard.

    Fantastic news about Emily.

    Keep up the good work. Hope you didn’t get flooded!


  2. This is excellent that an Oxygen User is meeting with these people. Our conclusion is that we need an OFFOX kind of regulator with Oxygen Users on board. My partner Kathy has come to that conclusion and I was speaking to someone in Wales this morning about their problems. We will be creating a Wales page on the website soon. We sent our latest analyses to the CFTrust a few days ago. Plenty of pharamcists watched Watchdog and also we know that MP’s have been looking at our site. So with nearly a year gone we should soon see whether the Cost Neutral claims are justified. One pubilcation expects an overspend of something like £37m. So how come the NHS spends £37m more and Emily, Lisa and the rest had no bottles to go out with. Interesting question that I am sure will be asked very soon!!
    Anyway best wishes to you and we pray that Emily continues to progress and that Lisa and others waiting get their opportunity.
    Peter Chadburn (The Oxywalk secretary)

  3. AL said

    I’m so glad that Em is doing well!!
    She sounds like a wonderful friend!!

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